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About the Artist

A native of Soda Springs, Idaho, Darla's school years were filled with drawing and illustration. Art classes were her favorite. Later on when she made her home in Salt Lake City, Utah, she continued her study of art and developed her artistic abilities by working in watercolor, graphics, pastels, oils, and colored pencil. She eventually specialized in the use of Prismacolor pencil techniques as taught by Dwane Cude.

With a passionate love of nature, most of her work has been of the dominant members of the animal kingdom. A 16 day photographic safari to Africa in 2007 was monumental and continues to be an inspiration in her work.

Her artistic goal with each painting is to reveal the personality or innate nature of each animal and create an emotional bond between the viewer and the subject.

A member of Intermountain Society of Artists (ISA)

Has exhibited in many venues and honored with may awards for her work.